HeliFest 2017 Pilot Entry

Welcome to HeliFest, pilot entry. All pilots must have valid BMFA or RCHA insurance during the period of the event and need to have it on hand to show at check in.Intermediate and Pro competition pilots MUST have BMFA B certificates or equivalent. Sports and open fun fly pilots do not need any BMFA certification to fly, however any one without must fly with a spotter who does have a B Cert.Entry to HeliFest allows 1 Pilot, along with helpers in 1 vehicle to enter Weston Park Model Airshow. HeliFest UK competition entry also allows pilots to fly in the open fun fly and night fly events with no extra charge. Camping on site is free of charge with a pilot pass.The cost for both competition entry and fun fly entry is currently £55, however when you check in and fly during the event £15 will be reimbursed so the total cost is £40.

Please see the latest competition information here

Heli Competition £55

Heli Funfly £55