FPV at HeliFest

This year at Weston Park HeliFest is going to bring you the FPV event of the year, DroneFest. We have teamed up with the UK longest running FPV racing event organisers, Rotor-Racing, to bring to you the FPV event of the year. We have been working together to bring you the fastest drone racing around together with a drone freestyle competition. But you say you want to fly but don’t want to compete in the competitions, well we are going to have some open funfly sessions for you. Yes we will be scheduling in some funfly sessions session in the FPV flight arena in between the freestyle, racing and demo slots. Wait there is more we got night sessions for you guys too.

So here is the low down of how much it will cost you to have a weekend full of fun.

Option 1 for funfly pilots :

A ticket will cost you £40 to fly at the funfly which will include entrance in to Weston Park, the weekend’s camping and access to the FPV flight arena to fly the race track or show some some freestyle skills.

Option 2 for Racer or Freestyle competitors :

Ok so you are not so keen on the funfly because you are serious racer or freestyler well the ticket will still cost you only £40 for the weekend. This will give you your entrance into Weston Park, your weekends camping and you race registration fees or freestyle registration fees. However to keep things fair you will not be able to join in the funfly race session if you are racing in the competition but you will be able to fly in the funfly freestyle sessions. If you are competing in the freestyle competition will you not be able to fly in the funfly freestyle session but you will be able to fly in the funfly race sessions. However if you have not made it past the qualifying session then you will be allowed to join the funfly sessions.

Option 3 for the Ultimate FPV Addict :

This is for those who are have superhuman fpv skills. Those who were born with both racer and freestyler genes, this is the option for you. This ticket will cost you £55 which will gain you entrance to Weston Park, camping for the weekend, registration fees for both race and freestyle competitions and access to the both funfly sessions but only if you don’t make it past the qualifying stages. Of course if you make it past the qualifying session of the race but not the freestyle you will be able to join in on the funfly freestyle sessions and visa versa.

All options are subject to an added deposit of £15 which you will get back when you check in on the Saturday (17th June 2017). SO for options 1 and 2 your will initially pay £55 and for option 3 it will be £65.



FPV Fun Fly £55 – Friday all day, Saturday evening (potential points through the weekend).