Helifest UK Competition



This year the competition cater’s for UK only pilots due to such high demand here, however we would like to invite non UK pilots over to take part in many of our features such as  Open fun-fly between competition rounds and also demonstration slots hosted by our sponsors.

Due to high demand, we are going back to our original format – keeping things simple, entertaining and most of all fun for all pilot levels.


  •  Each pilot will fly 2 flights, one flight on Saturday and one flight on Sunday.
  •  Your worst flight score is dropped
  • Each flight must be performed to music.
  • Flights length must be between 2.50-3.10 minutes.
  • No sets required!
  • Music must be supplied at least 7 days before the competition starts.

Out of your 2 flights, your worst score is dropped and the best flight put forward to the final points.  JUDGING GUILDLINES;

Your flight will be judged in 3 areas as explained below. Please note that all 3 areas are of equal worth, meaning 33.3% goes to each.

  • Technicality: Judges will be looking for technicality throughout your flight, particularly looking out and scoring high on flights that do not show repetition or have a large range of technical ability.
  • Musicality: A very important area to consider – the most exciting and technical flight with no relationship to your chosen music can only score you 66.6% so don’t forget to practice!
  • Excitement: This one speaks for itself – the more you get people clapping/cheering and gasping with excitement, the higher your score is likely to be.